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SHACC New Website

As many of you regular readers are aware, there have been some problems with the LEGENDARY SURFERS website in the past two months (April, May 2018). Content has been hard to read and many images are still not coming up.

The LS Collection is part of the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center (SHACC) website and the issues have been related to SHACC's move -- still in-progress -- to an all-new website design.

The problems will be resolved and soon you will be able to view my writings on surfing's history (and others' writings) at the new SHACC website.

Meanwhile, while www.legendarysurfers.com is still being fitted into the new SHACC website, I've gone ahead and started to re-instroduce some of the more popular chapters at my alternate LEGENDARY SURFERS Website. Content is easier to read during this transition period. Please visit:

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